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About That Brown Show

That Brown Show [TBS], hosted by Michigan Sahānā since its conception in 2011, has brought together premier South Asian performance groups at the University of Michigan. Together through a variety of music and dance styles, we hope to promote a rich and unique culture, create a common stage for performance, and further develop an enriching community around South Asian art forms and performance.

Over the past years we have enjoyed having Michigan Manzil, Michigan Manzat, Maize Mirchi, Maya, Michigan Bhangra Team, Michigan WolveRAAS, Michigan Taal, and Michigan Izzat, Michigan Mayuri, join Michigan Sahānā at TBS. We want to show the community what we all have spent months creating, learning, and refining through an evening of spectacular performances on one stage. Most of all, we want the community to join us in our journey through the South Asian performing arts.

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