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Fall 2016 Concert: Saṃsāra



Come attend our fall concert on Saturday, October 29th at 7pm at Stamps Auditorium for an exciting evening of Indian classical music and dance! 


This year's theme is "Saṃsāra: The Journey Through Life." Life is an unbelievable journey. As we grow and develop, we have times of incredible change, where we move from one stage of our lives to the next. While we all head down our own unique paths, we often experience the same cycles and milestones - infancy, childhood, etc. In this concert, we will strive to explore the cycle of life through artistic expression, with each piece representing different phases of our lives. This show will exhibit a combination of Indian classical dance styles like Kathak and Bharathanatyam and the Hindustani and Carnatic styles of Indian classical music.

The concert is free of charge, and everyone is welcome to attend! For any questions regarding the show, please email

Stamps Auditorium is located at 1226 Murfin Ave, Ann Arbor (here). There is parking behind the auditorium and various parking lots in the surrounding area.


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